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A Christmas Eve Meditation

December 24, 2014 by: Lance Parrott

What we miss in all of this Christmas noise? A King has come! ... Keep Reading

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What is the Lottie Moon Offering All About?

December 18, 2014 by: Jody Sledge

With so many peoples all around the world that do not have access to the gospel, we must pray. We must go. And we must give. Here's a video on why the Lottie Moon offering is so important.... Keep Reading

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How Does the Lottie Moon Offering Work?

December 18, 2014 by: Jody Sledge

An info-graphic on how the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering supports the cause of global missions.... Keep Reading

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Don't Waste This Ferguson Moment

December 5, 2014 by: Lance Parrott

What can the church learn from this Ferguson moment? When the culture is swarming with confusion, do we retreat or do we speak truth? The gospel leaves us no choice. ... Keep Reading

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The story of Exodus is a beautiful story of redemption where God redeems a people from the pit of slavery and redeems them to a life of worship and mission. That story is ours as Christians. These are the stories of some of the members of Christ Fellowship. These are our stories of redemption. ... Keep Reading

The Sneaky and Deceptive Power of the World

November 4, 2014 by: Lance Parrott

One of the greatest enemies of the church is our love for the world. The more we love the world, the less we love Christ or the lost around us.... Keep Reading

Gospel Bomb

October 30, 2014 by: Lance Parrott

How does God both love sinners and love his glory at the same time? That's a hard question yet as we read from John Piper that God's answer comes in the gospel. ... Keep Reading

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What CFC Needs From You

October 15, 2014 by: Lance Parrott

Tim Challies writes wise counsel for members of all churches. Counsel about how you can best be used in your church.... Keep Reading

Steadfast Faith in a Faithful God

October 6, 2014 by: Lance Parrott

What do you do when life falls apart? What would you do if you were imprisoned for your faith? Read an amazing letter from Pastor Saeed who was imprisoned for his faith yet whose faith remains unshaken.... Keep Reading

Can singleness be just as sanctifying as marriage? Can singleness be a time for Christians to grow in Christ-likeness? ... Keep Reading