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Gospel Bomb

October 30, 2014 by: Lance Parrott

How does God both love sinners and love his glory at the same time? That's a hard question yet as we read from John Piper that God's answer comes in the gospel. ... Keep Reading

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What CFC Needs From You

October 15, 2014 by: Lance Parrott

Tim Challies writes wise counsel for members of all churches. Counsel about how you can best be used in your church.... Keep Reading

Steadfast Faith in a Faithful God

October 6, 2014 by: Lance Parrott

What do you do when life falls apart? What would you do if you were imprisoned for your faith? Read an amazing letter from Pastor Saeed who was imprisoned for his faith yet whose faith remains unshaken.... Keep Reading

Can singleness be just as sanctifying as marriage? Can singleness be a time for Christians to grow in Christ-likeness? ... Keep Reading

A Word for Freshman

September 5, 2014 by: Joe Starks

How do you stay Christian in College? Well there are a few steps that need to be taken to keep your eyes on Christ. Listen to the advice of our college intern, Joe Starks. ... Keep Reading

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Talk to Yourself

August 26, 2014 by: Lance Parrott

Why are you not talking to yourself? Sound weird? Speaking truth to yourself is the most important thing you will do today. Listen to this profound truth fleshed out by Martyn Lloyd-Jones. ... Keep Reading

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Prone to Pride, Redeemed for Humility

August 14, 2014 by: Lance Parrott

As people who have been born into sin, we are prone to walk in pride. As believers who have been redeemed in Christ, we are redeemed to walk in humility. Read how our union with Christ frees us to walk in humility. ... Keep Reading

Ten Take-Aways from When Helping Hurts

July 30, 2014 by: Lance Parrott

How do we further the mission of God without hurting the people of our city? What we learned from our study through When Helping Hurts...... Keep Reading

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Books on Training Our Children

July 25, 2014 by: Jody Sledge

Here are three great books to read on training our children in the honor and instruction of the LORD.... Keep Reading

Resources for Family Devotions

July 25, 2014 by: Jody Sledge

Want to start family devotions and don't know how? These resources will help!... Keep Reading