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Seeking Baptism?


What is Baptism?

Baptism is an act that symbolizes someone’s union with Christ. Being immersed in the water represents having died to sin just as Jesus died for sins. And being raised from the water represents being raised to a new life just like Jesus was raised from the dead. Baptism is the way that we publicly announce our new lives in Christ and our desire to follow him.

Colossians 2:12 | Romans 6:1-6 | Acts 8:34-38

Being Baptized at Christ Fellowship Church

If you are considering being baptized at Christ Fellowship Church, we rejoice with you and praise God! Baptism is one of the most exciting parts of the Christian life and church. Here’s what you’ll need to do to be baptized at our church:

1. Meet with One of the Pastors

When we meet, we’ll ask you to share your story of how you came to trust in Jesus. Baptism is for those who have personally put their faith in him. So we want to understand how you came to profess your faith in Jesus. We may ask to meet more than once to make sure you understand your commitment.

2. Commit to Being a Member of Christ Fellowship

Baptism is not only a public commitment to follow Jesus, it is also a public commitment to the church. We believe that those who are baptized should be added to the membership of the local church. If at all possible, we require those who are baptized to become members of our church.

3. Set Up a Date to Be Baptized

Once we feel that you are ready to be baptized, we will set up a date when you can be baptized. We’ll meet with you before the service on the day of your baptism.