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Seeking Membership?

The membership process of Christ Fellowship has three basic steps:

1. Attend the Going Deeper Lunch

This lunch will take you through everything you need to know about membership at Christ Fellowship Church: our ministry, our beliefs, and our commitments. Dinner is provided and the class usually lasts about two hours. Sign up to attend the next class below.

2. Have a Membership Meeting with a Pastor

Once you've attended an Going Deeper Luncheon, you should then request to have an membership meeting with one or more of the pastors. During this meeting the pastor will gather your personal contact information and your church background and involvement. You will be asked to explain a basic presentation of the gospel. You will be asked to explain your gifts and talents that you've received from the Lord. And you will be asked if you are in agreement with our statement of faith and our church covenant.

3. Express a Desire to Join at a Public Gathering

Once you've completed an meeting and have been recommended for membership by a pastor, we will present you before the church at one of our public gatherings. We'll tell a little about you - who you are, why you've decided to join, etc. Then those members who are present will vote to affirm you in your desire to join the congregation.

If you have any questions regarding membership, contact us and we would love to speak with you more about the possibilities of joining Christ Fellowship.

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