Sunday Services @ 10:30 AM


Our Leaders


Lance Parrott | Pastor of Preaching and Vision

Lance serves on the church staff by overseeing the preaching ministry of the church and the overall vision and mission of our church.


Jody Sledge | Pastor of Teaching and Administration

Jody serves on the church staff by overseeing the teaching ministries and the overall administration of the church's ministries.


Brian Curtis | Pastor of Community Life

Brian serves the church by overseeing the church's Community Group ministry and church's community life together.


Heather Stockstill | Interim Children's Ministry Director

Heather serves on the church staff and oversees all our children's ministry from Sunday School to classes during the service, from VBS to other kids outreach.


Joy Lynn | Women's Ministry Director

Joy serves our church by leading the women's ministries of our church including Women's Fellowship, Titus 2 Bible Studies, and One-to-One discipleship.


Nick Alford | Deacon of Facilities

Nick serves our church in the area of facilities, helping with cleaning, maintenances, and stewarding the building God has given us.


Chris Brice | Deacon of Worship

Chris serves our church in the area of worship, helping with the Lord's Supper, baptisms, the offering, and other needs for our gatherings.


Jon Calloway | Deacon of First Impressions

Jon serves in the area of our greeting ministry, making sure that our services are welcoming and that guests are being noticed and followed up with.


Joel Ham | Deacon of Hospitality

Joel serves in the areas of meals for our church, making preparations for lunches, cook-outs, members meeting meals, and meals for members.


Kris McLevaine | Deacon of Grounds

Kris serves our church in the area of grounds, helping with mowing, landscaping, and any exterior facility needs.


Gregg Reynolds | Deacon of Volunteers

Gregg serves our church by scheduling and supporting the volunteers to serve with our various ministries.


Joe Starks | Deacon of Missions

Joe serves our church in the area of missions, organizing prayer teams for our missions partnerships and promoting the cause of mission in our church.


Daniel Tarnagda | Deacon of International Ministry

Daniel serves our church in the area of international ministry, helping with van rides to church, the interpreter system for services, and assimilating internationals into the life of the church.